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We have been recertified as a B Corp!

Four years ago, in 2019, Omplim became a certified B Corp , and now, in February 2023, we have achieved our first recertification.. This is incredibly exciting for us! It’s a very encouraging recognition for all the people who are part of Omplim, and it motivates us to continue working in this direction.

But, what does it mean to be a B Corp?


TheB Corp certificationis born with the idea of promoting a more inclusive and sustainable business paradigm. A paradigm in which companies not only have economic goals but also meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and corporate responsibility.. And for Omplim, this is the first step in fulfilling our purpose.


Being a B Corp has many benefits, but for us, one of the things we value most is the opportunity to measure and improve our impact.. Continuously knowing whether we are successfully creating the social, environmental, and economic value we desire for our community and business ecosystem.


And how is this done? What and how is measured?

Well, we could spend hours explaining impact assessment, as it’s part of our daily routine, and we love talking about it, but we’ll try to provide a good summary. To obtain certification, three basic requirements must be met:

  • Social and Environmental Performance: Using the B Impact Assessment tool,the impact of the company’s practices and results is scored through 5 categories: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers.. To be a B Corp, a minimum of 80 points must be achieved in this assessment process.
  • Transparency: Once the B Impact Report is completed, the score must be made public on the B Corp directory of companies.
  • Accountability and Responsibility: B Corps must adopt a corporate legal framework hat explicitly requires the consideration of all their stakeholders in their decision-making processes.


Last February, we obtained recertification with 149 points. We had just certified for the first time with 83 points, and it’s true that making this significant leap is exciting. This has been thanks to many individuals, projects, hours of work, and the strong conviction of working with our purpose in mind.

Being a B Corp is not an endpoint; achieving a higher score is not what drives us; it’s a guide. What drives us is to provide sustainable, inclusive, affordable, and quality homes; to achievecommunity impact projects like the M2 built and M2 restored collaboration agreement , or to run more social assistance programs; to enable all the people in Omplim to project themselves professionally and personally; to promote the socio-economic development of the communities where our projects are located, and to promote a esponsible and sustainable value chain.. In summary, we want to build a future where everyone fits; a future filled with inclusive, sustainable, and transformative spaces.


We want to thank the work, support, and collaboration of all the individuals and organizations that have been and continue to be by our side so that we can advance and champion our purpose every day. Thank you.