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If you're looking to join the ecosystem of Omplim and become one of our responsible building suppliers, you're in the right place!

To do so, you'll need to complete a questionnaire about your company's values: governance, environmental, social, and business policies of your company.


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Answer the fields you have information about and leave blank the sections you don't consider relevant And remember, you can consult some frequently asked questions below.


Not at all! While one of the objectives of this questionnaire is to evaluate supplier companies considering our organizational values, it doesn’t imply that we won’t consider them if they don’t meet all the requirements

  • As a tiebreaker when we’re evaluating two different supplier companies and their proposals seem equally good.
  • To assess our impact. The selection of suppliers is also part of Omplim’s self-evaluation because their impact indirectly affects us. By collecting responses from supplier companies, we generate an analysis and use it in the impact evaluation tools we employ.
  • To create our own impact ecosystem. On many occasions, after completing the questionnaire, many companies have expressed their desire to develop a social responsibility policy, an equality plan, or calculate greenhouse gas emissions from business activities. However, they either hadn’t considered it until then or didn’t know how to proceed. The intention of the questionnaire is also to create this interest. If you want to develop any of the mentioned tools, we can assist you. Together, we can create our impact ecosystem.