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Starting the construction works in El Prat

We end this month of October with a bit of retrospective and celebrating one of the most important achievements of the year: the beginning of the construction works for the Cooperativa Obrera de Viviendas (COV) in el Prat, which we are pleased to manage.


On October 4th, we celebrated and accompanied COV in the cornerstone-laying ceremony. It was very exciting, but above all, it served to reaffirm the importance of pushing transformative projects that aim towards a more just, inclusive, and realistic real estate reality within the current paradigm of the housing crisis. he COV has made and continues to make a titanic effort to ensure that affordable, stable, cooperative, and sustainable rental housingis built in El Prat.



Let us tell you a bit about the project!

This joint initiative between the COV and theEl Prat City Council is presented as a commitment to develop a model of affordable, stable, cooperative, and sustainable rental housing. The main objective is to provide stability to tenants so they can settle, build a personal life project, and create bonds within the community from a cooperative perspective.


25% of these housing units will be reserved for COV members, while the remaining 75% will be allocated to individuals registered in theOfficial Protection Housing program. Specific quotas will be set for youth, elderly individuals, and those in vulnerable situations, as well as for beneficiaries of the Rubricatus Foundation, who will use all the premises of the development located on the ground floors.


How will the real estate project look like?


The real estate project will rise on a public plot of 3,300 m2, where a total of 9,860 m2 will be built, resulting in a complex of 101 housing units distributed across three four-story buildings. The basement will serve as parking, offering a total of 110 spaces and 69 storage units. In addition, the buildings will include specific parking spaces for bicycles and communal use terraces.


These 101 homes will feature 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms of spacious dimensions, predominantly doubles. Efforts have been made to minimize corridors and maximize usable space, resulting in spacious and open kitchens, with a seamless connection to the living and dining areas Furthermore, prioritizing cross ventilation and optimal sunlight exposure in all homes, generous terraces have been planned to serve as extensions of indoor spaces towards the outdoors. The undeveloped areas of the plot will be landscaped to maintain continuity with the materials and outdoor spaces of the surroundings.


cooperative housing


It is estimated that the construction will take approximately 24 months, with residents expected to be able to move in by late 2025.


This project is a clear demonstration of the added value that comprehensive management of real estate projects with a holistic view of sustainabilitybrings. Understanding sustainability as a milestone that goes beyond the environmental aspect and encompasses all other factors that impact our society, paving the way for a healthier, more inclusive, and prosperous future for everyone. Our purpose is greatly enriched by this project, as we work with a strong commitment to enhance theaffordability of housing, both in its access and its utilization.


cooperative rental housing


A collaborative project.


The development of the project receives financial support from theCatalan Institute of Finance and theHousing Agency of Catalonia through programs aimed at the development of social rental housing. he financing of this project is supplemented with contributions from other financial entities, such as the cooperative of ethical and solidarity financial services Coop57, as well as with resources from the Cooperative itself.


Collaborative management based on active and transparent participation of all major stakeholders is the key to achieving all the goals set in the design of these three buildings. And not only in the practice of the real estate project itself, but it also helps us manage the impact generated in the local community. Omplim is a limited-profit management company with extensive experience in the real estate sector. That’s why we know that fostering collaboration among the main stakeholders involved allows us to transfer all our knowledge cross-functionally, resulting in a much more plural and inclusive perspective.


Some of the initiatives that we bring from Omplim to this project, like all the others we carry out, include adopting a supplier selection process based on a comprehensive evaluation through our own management platform. Also, through our participation, we promote various community projects with a focus onsocial impact,educació and environmental conservation.


We are thrilled to be part of the team that works tirelessly, day after day, to make this COV’s project a reality.


affordable cooperative housing