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2, 3 and 4 bedrooms apartments and parking places

The Cardedeu 136 residential community is located on the 136 Mare de Déu del Pilar street, Cardedeu. The homes have been designed with the objective of minimizing energy consumption and carbon footprint, offering a quality home and helping its inhabitants to improve their quality of life.

Cardedeu 136 is a building with 19 apartments and 21 parking spaces in the basement with pre-installation for charging electric cars, and an area for parking bicycles and/or electric scooters.

Homes built to maximize energy efficiency

Cardedeu 136 building is certified with the energy efficiency A label for emissions amb consumption, issued by lCAEN. In order to achieve this certification, external advice was provided by the worker cooperative Sociedad Orgánica, an organisation that works in the field of building and sustainability in research, consultancy, communication, development of its own work tools and generation of information on material flows that enable reflection and progress towards new sustainable models.

The A energy qualification allows you to live in a very efficient home, with a much lower annual energy cost and without the use of fossil fuels during the lifetime of the Cardedeu 136 housing.

Housing designed to maximise energy savings and reduce its ecological footprint.

Low consumption climated control and domestic hot water (ACS) by means of an individual aerothermia system.

All the rooms in the housing are fully open to the outside, thus promoting indoor air currents that help to achieve a comfortable temperature.

Sanitary devices that reduce water consumption and rainwater harvesting.

In the design of the apartments prioritises natural lighting and when artificial light is necessary, the building has energy-saving lighting systems.

Building systems that enhance the reduction of energy consumption.

Use of materials with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Sustainability Index

The purpose of Omplim is to transform the way to build and develop real estate promotions. To ensure compliance in every promotion we carry out, we have created a Sustainability Index as a measurement system that allows us to quantify the impact generated by our real estate projects on an individual basis.

Each building analysed in the project phase, execution and the forecast of its use; as well as the impact of the project on all its interest grups and the territory.

Here are the results of the Cardedeu 136 Sustainability Index.

Resilient housing

At Omplim we work to offer resilient homes, which are able to respond in terms of environmental, social and economic sustainability in a context of climate and housing emergency. We propose solutions that integrate principles of inclusive design and eco-design, circular economy and biohabitability, with the aim of improving people’s lives and the planet.

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