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Apartments with 2 and 3 bedrooms, parking spaces, storage rooms, and a large indoor communal area.

The Cardedeu EA project was a joint initiative between the cooperative Espai Assequible and Omplim, responsible for the comprehensive management of the project. Located in the center of Cardedeu, specifically between
Dolors Granés and Balmes streets, the building was designed by the cooperative of architects Lacol and the energy consultancy Societat Orgànica. The project involved the construction of two buildings with a large interior space for communal use.

The project presentation took place at the former Cinema Esbarjo in Cardedeu on July 20, 2020, with the presence of the project’s responsible technicians, Omplim management, and representatives from the cooperative Espai Assequible.

Cardedeu EA housed a total of 22 residential units, 22 parking spaces, and storage rooms in the basement. It also featured a designated area for bicycle and/or scooter parking, as well as a spacious interior zone for communal use.

Currently, the Cardedeu EA project is no longer active.

Homes built to maximise energy efficiency.

The homes were designed with the aim of promoting flexibility in their use, minimizing energy consumption, and reducing carbon footprint to the maximum extent possible. The project’s driving group had the intention of creating a diverse and inclusive living environment while ensuring a high-quality home for its residents.

The architectural project of this housing development was planned to obtain the energy efficiency label A for both emissions and consumption, issued by the ICAEN (Catalan Institute for Energy). Arenys 036 will be certified with an A-grade energy efficiency label, ensuring that by following the recommended efficient operation of all home appliances, residents can enjoy low-energy consumption and a high level of comfort. Additionally, this certification will help reduce CO2 emissions, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

The A energy efficiency rating allows you to live in a highly efficient home with much lower annual energy expenses and without the use of fossil fuels throughout the lifespan of the dwellings.

Resilient housing

At Omplim we work to offer resilient homes, which are able to respond in terms of environmental, social and economic sustainability in a context of climate and housing emergency. We propose solutions that integrate principles of inclusive design and eco-design, circular economy and biohabitability, with the aim of improving people’s lives and the planet.