An impact model with diverse principles and a common goal

To accomplish our purpose, we transform the way we deliver real estate developments, making them affordable and preserving their inclusiveness, sustainability, and quality.

Let's fulfill our ecosystems

We deliver developments that meet high standards of quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

Part of our revenue is used to finance environmental and social restoration projects in the areas in which we operate.

Let's fulfill our communities

We promote a sustainable, stable and responsible value chain over time.

We promote the socio-economic development of the communities where we develop properties, encouraging local hiring and establishing partnerships with organisations that work towards the socio-economic development of the region.

The Omplim method

About us as a team

We run our company respecting criteria of transparency, honesty, professionalism, and with a long-term vision. We foster the well-being of our team by promoting shared growth and their personal and professional development.

About us as a team

We’re a group of people convinced that change is possible. We strongly believe in our purpose, and we strive every day to make it a reality.

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