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Advancing towards a Purpose-Driven Economy in Catalonia

On June 27th, at the Llotja de Mar in Barcelona, we joined forces with over 200 other companies in endorsing the Manifesto for a Purpose-Driven Economy , promoted by the association.. This collective commitment aims to call upon the business world to express and demonstrate the responsibility of companies towards society and the environment.

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The essential role of the business sector.

In this context marked by new economic, social, and ecological challenges, we have an obligation to rethink the resilience of our societies and the connection between people, the planet, and the economy. It is necessary to review the social role of organizations, as well as corporate decision-making , taking into account lplanetary boundaries (of which we have already exceeded five, according to available data). It is evident that unlimited growth is unsustainable, and we must operate within these boundaries of planetary safety, with actions that promote a healthy and fair impact. This will shape a change in the role and operating mechanisms of the company, traditionally focused solely on economic and financial variables.

Society’s expectations towards companies are expanding, opening the door to a paradigm shift, especially regarding the capacity for innovation and the development ofpractices that can provide solutions to the challenges we face. . Although some organizations are already working towards a strategic approach to sustainabilityand recognize the importance of considering all the impacts generated by their activities (not just economic ones), there is still a long way to go.


Cross-Cutting Action Plan

It is essential that these initiatives generate a comprehensive action plan that promotes real change within the organization. This is precisely where Omplim wants to emphasize our critical point, as for us, beyond a formal declaration of intentions, it is necessary to incorporate – structurally and within a short time frame – a business practice that integrates all necessary capitals (not just financial, but also ecological and social capital). Many times, this objective comes into direct conflict with certain aspects inherent in the development of products, services, or projects. It is essential to readjust them to modify their impacts but also to identify new business opportunities thatcan help solve existing real problems.oportunitats de negoci

The paradigm shift towards a purpose-driven economy is not just an option, but an urgent necessity that requires areview and restructuring of business models. It is crucial that more companies recognize their responsibility towards society and the planet. It is not just about complying with legal regulations, but surpassing them and going beyond to generate an impact that helps shift the current paradigm. Likewise, it is essential for the business sector to be a driver of change, promoting sustainability values and actively contributing to public policies.

The transition to a purpose-driven economy is not simple, but it is a challenge we cannot ignore. It requires establishing alliances and collaborations among businesses, governments, social organizations, and citizens to address the major challenges we face. Only by working collectively can we achieve real and lasting change.

In summary, the Manifesto for a Purpose-Driven Economy invites us to rethink the foundations of how we relate as a society and the role that each actor – whether governments, social organizations, or businesses – plays in this transformation. It is time to put into practice a business model that integrates ethical, social, and ecological valuesin order to build a sustainable and inclusive future for everyone.